Sign Language Interpreting Services

SLSI is highly respected for its expertise in all areas of specialty interpreting.

These areas include:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Occupational
  • Governmental Services
  • Community Services
  • Religious
  • Cultural Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Educational: pre-school and elementary
  • Educational: Secondary
  • Educational: Post-secondary
  • Personal Interpreting Services

SLSI sub-contracts with certified National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) interpreters locally, regionally, and nationally to assure the proper match between consumers and the situation involved. Training is provided to Residency and Intern Interpreters toward national certification.

SLSI prides itself on working with only the best Sign Language Interpreters in the region. Interpreters who are available through SLSI are:

Certified Interpreters

  • Daniel D. Burch, Ph.D., SC:L, Texas V/Court
  • Priscilla Burch, NAD IV
  • Gayle Burnett, CI/CT, NAD IV
  • Heather Covington, NIC, EIPA 3.8
  • Denise Crochet, CSC
  • Victoria Crochet, EIPA 3.5
  • Kenneth David, CSC
  • Shirley Delahoussaye, NAD V
  • Connie Dorris Holton, NAD IV
  • Anna Duhon, NAD III
  • Vallerie Fletcher, EIPA 3.7
  • Beth Foreman, CSC
  • Beth Forester, NAD V
  • Vernola Fung, NAD IV, NIC
  • Lynne Gomez, CSC, CI/CT
  • Scott Huffman, EIPA 3.8
  • Cheryl Hurstell, NAD III
  • Tish Imme, EIPA 4.1
  • Mary Langford, CI/CT, NAD IV
  • Barbara Lovas, CI/CT
  • Amy Miller, CI/CT
  • Ann Moore, NAD V/CI/CT
  • Akeya Peoples, EIPA 3.7
  • Rose Ray, NIC
  • Bernice Thompson, CI/CT, NAD V, EIPA 4.5
  • Jamie Troxclair, CI/CT

Residency Interpreters

  • Henderson Palmer

Contact Us by phone (225-273-3396 V, 225-663-8547 VP) or e-mail for scheduling and pricing. The more lead time the better!

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